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N1Rotator is running 24/7 on several high-traffic PTC sites!

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Every time our rotator is viewed it shows each slot in order, equally. Giving everyone great exposure across dozens of sites. Easily catch user's attention by having website view in full page exposure.

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Orders are processed in a matter of minutes or up to 8 hours from ordering, guaranteed. All you do is fill out our simple order form, you will then be taken to a simple verification page to verify each of your URLs. And that's it, your slot will be reserved. You will then receive an email confirming the order.

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Thousands of potential customers or referrals see your ad (from several high-traffic sites). Getting your website or landing page seen in dozens of sites, by thousands of people, to really maximise your campaign exposure. All at an amazing price.

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Terms of Service
1. Your ad(s) must comply with the terms of the website(s) they're advertised on.
2. We reserve the right to deny any advert that we do not see fit to be displayed, including but not limited to: frame-breakers, gambling & adult/warez/illegal content.
3. You can request for an URL(s) change once in a 24 hour period but only if your slot has more than 24 hours left until expiration.
4. Once your slot goes live, it cannot be paused nor stopped.
5. Your request will be processed in a maximum of 8 hours from purchase date.
6. Payments are accepted from PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money accounts only.
7. All payments are non-refundable.

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